How do I bid for a vehicle?

To bid for vehicles you will be required to register using a valid email address and telephone number. After registration is completed, you can bid for any vehicle that you want.

How will I know when new vehicles are listed?

Once registered we will contact you via email to visit our website and view the vehicles available for auction.

Is there a bidding fee?

No, The Bank does not charge bidding fees.

How will I know if my bid is successful?

Once the bidding window closes you will be notified if your bid was successful.

If I am the highest bidder can I be financed?

Yes, the Bank offers financing subject to you qualifying for a loan.

Can I bid for more than one vehicle?

Yes, you can bid for as many vehicles as you like.

How Do I know I was the highest bidder?

You will be contacted via email if you are the highest bidder.

How Do I make payment once my bid is accepted?

All payments will be made directly into an account provided by the Bank. All payments are to be made directly into Co-operative Bank account that will be provided in your offer letter. Do not make payment to a third party.

What are the conditions of sale?

  1. Vehicles are sold ‘As is, Where is’ basis
  2. Only offers received before bid closing date as captured in the advert will be considered
  3. The highest bidder to pay the bid amount in lump sum within 7 days after receipt of the letter of offer
  4. One must present their National ID card at the point of picking the offer for verification purposes
  5. Viewing of the motor vehicles to be done at the specified storage yards before placing a bid.